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Guidelines for searching

To find records containing particular words or phrases, use Search for. Note that terms and operators can be entered in either upper or lower case The operators AND, OR and NOT can (optionally) be used to define complex queries. For example, fish AND salmon will list all records containing both of these terms, while fish NOT salmon will list all records containing fish except those also containing salmon. fish OR salmon will list records containing either term.

The Search truncation symbol (* or $) is used as follows: fish* will list all records containing words starting with the root fish, e.g. fishermen, fishing, fishmonger, etc.

Use Browse for to display a selectable alphabetically-ordered list of titles, authors or subjects. To find titles in the Titles Index, type the first few words of a title. To locate records by subject, browse in the Thesaurus by entering a heading such as American Literature or War. To browse in the Author Index, enter a name in any of the following formats: Tom Jones or Jones, Tom or Jones.