The Teeswater Highlanders Pipe and Drum Band is based in Teeswater, a village in Culross Township, Bruce County, Ontario.

Like many other Ontario villages, Teeswater nurtured a musical tradition as it grew, supporting first a string orchestra and a later a flourishing concert band. And while many local people are descended from pioneers who arrived from Germany and Alsace-Lorraine in the nineteenth century, emigrants from the Hebrides and the highlands of Scotland also settled here in large numbers (as in other parts of Bruce County).

The Pipe and Drum Band was established in 1961 and remained active into the 1980s. In 1998 new members were recruited and the band revived under the direction of Bruce MacDonald, an accomplished piper and teacher. Four members of the pre-1998 Highlanders are on the roster of the present group.

The band is primarily interested in playing parades and performances at local events, and its present focus is on the teaching of piping and drumming to beginners at various levels. It also aims to challenge the established players with new music and performance routines, and so maintain their interest and improve their overall competence.

Teeswater Highlanders

First Place Performance! Orillia, 2014.