Kansas Periodical Index

Kansas Periodical Index

Compiled, indexed and edited by Roger Carswell

Access to all provided by a subscription by the State Library of Kansas

Indexed periodicals include:

Kanhistique, 2002-2008
Kansas!, 2002-2021
Kansas Anthropologist, 2002-2006
Kansas Farmer, 2002-2005
Kansas Government Journal, 2002-2021
Kansas Heritage, 2002-2006
Kansas Historical Quarterly, 1931-35.
Kansas History, 1978-1983; 2002-2021
Kansas Journal of Military History, 2005
Kansas School Board Journal, 2002-2008
Kansas Traveler, 2004-2009
Kansas Wildlife & Parks, 2002-2021
Southeast Kansas Living, 2003-2021
The Territorial, 2002-2018
Topeka Magazine, 2009-2021

Selection criteria.

The periodicals indexed were selected on the basis of their having substantive articles of potential usefulness or interest to many Kansans: middle and high school students, college students, and the general public. Only periodicals which carried mainly nonfiction articles were selected.


The following types of material were not indexed: advertisements; letters to the editor and other correspondence; announcements; schedules and other similar items; puzzles and games; fiction and poetry; and internal news of the organization publishing the magazine.