Parliamentary Library, Ottawa
R e f e r e n c e  P r e s s

Small and medium-sized libraries can take advantage of our Internet hosting service to render their public access catalog, local history index or periodicals index accessible on-line from anywhere, 24 hours per day. The cost is modest, and catalogs can be updated as often as needed.

The fee for hosting a catalog or index is $350 per year (for databases with up to 100,000 records) or $450 per year for larger catalogs. Updates can be done as frequently or infrequently as desired, at an added cost of $15.00 per update. There are no other charges, and high-speed access is provided year-round. Optionally, hosted indexes and bibliographies can be edited online, from any browser.

We accept data in most formats, by FTP and on a variety of media.

Currently hosted indexes include

  • Bayou State Periodicals Index
  • Southern Baptist Periodical Index
  • Kansas Periodical Index
  • West Grey Vital Statistics Database
  • Halidex: An Index to Local Newspapers in Haliburton County, Ontario
  • For additional information, please contact Gord Ripley